Planetary Strike 2 & 4 & 6 Player Package

Learn the moves and develop your strategies on the 2-player board, Engage Your Opponent and #DefendYourPlanet. Then advance to up to 5 differnt versions of play with the 4-player board for more engaging play 


Flip over to the 6 player board to expand your options to 16 differnt ways to play! This is the most advanced version of the game and provides fun for the whole family!


Learn In Minutes...Enjoy Forever! ​ 


In this space-age game of strategy, civilizations from all regions of the galaxy have clashed into an epic battle in which you must defend your planet system while attempting to capture one of your opponent’s planets. To do this and win the game, you must put together a strategy that will stand on its own: no cards, no spinners, and no luck at all. Only your skill and ability willearn you a victory on tomorrow’s battlefield! Imagine a game like chess, but easier to learn and faster to play.


Package includes: 2-player, 2-player advanced, 2-team play, 3-player and 4-player games. 5 player, 6 player, 3 team offset play, 5 team offset play, and many more! Overall 16 differnt ways to play!

Versions of play: 2-player

Ages: 12 to adult. 


All elements made in the U.S.A.

Games assembled in Orlando, Florida.

Instructions PDF: Download Here

Includes: Includes 2-player, 4-player and 6-player game boards, six sets of game pieces (18 pieces per player, total of 108 pieces) in red, green, blue, purple, orange and yellow, game piece bags, and instructions.

Planetary Strike 6-player Package

  • Now everbody gets to play on game night! Experience advanced moves such as Reactive Movement, Double Kill and Lame Duck. Package includes all three Planetary Strike game boards (2- and 4-player board, plus the 6-player board) for over 15 versions of play: 2-player, 2-player advanced, 2-team play, 3-player, 3-team, 4-player, 5-player and 6-player games plus advanced versions. All parts made in the U.S.A. and assembled in Orlando, Florida. Ages 8 to adult, for 2 to 6 players. 

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